Born to Groove

Thomas Leleu accompanied by 5 musicians gives life to his compositions and gives to the music styles that he plays an original universality.

Jazz rock, world music, bossa, samba, electro, jazz...

TL Trio

Tuba, piano & vibraphone

Experience live the album "Stories..." which was nominated 3 times at the German Opus Klassik: Kurt Weill, Reynaldo Hahn, Michel Legrand, Johannes Brahms...

The inspiration behind "Stories..." is the warm and creative atmosphere of Berlin in the 1920s, a time of freedom and audacity! The artistic and cultural effervescence artistique is at its peak. At that time, Kurt Weil, the cornerstone of this project skillfully reconciles tradition and avant-garde. This project evokes exile and travel as well, through 4 countries: Germany, France, Brazil and Argentina.


Tuba & trumpet

The two brothers play on the same stage and offer to the audience their new program entitled "Virtuosi": a program composed of varied and colorful pieces (Vivaldi, Piazzolla, Bonfa, Bach...).