“Thomas Leleu is undoubtedly a great tuba player, who not only masters his instrument virtuoso, but can also make music both vocally and finely. At times he plays at heights where the sound is barely distinguishable from a baritone or tenor horn, without the feeling that it requires a great deal of skill.”

Link to article, Das Orchester, August 2019
TV show TMC April 2019

“Thomas mixes genres, and it works. The tubist works wonders with musical styles.”

Link to article,Jollies Magazine, February 2019

“The first album of the Thomas Leleu trio bears a strong ressemblance to the tubist: open to the world, free and talented”

Link to article, Destimed, February 2019

“An album that one must own but most of all, that one must listen to for its musicality”

Lien vers l’article,GB Opera, February 2019

“Thomas Leleu plays the tuba as if he were on the stage of a rock concert”

Anne Sinclair, Le Figaro, January 2019
TV show France 3, January 2019

“Since winning the Victoire de la Musique en 2012, he is one of the tubists who has done the most to make the tuba popular as a soloist instrument, making it travel through all styles and on all continents”

France Inter, Jean-François Zygel, December 2018
France 3 PACA, December 2018

“The tuba, played with great softness and vigor at the same time by Thomas Leleu, feeling at one with his instrument.”

Journal de Gien, July 2018

“A high flying concert.”

Link to article, Midi Libre, June 2018

“Mixing cultures is the future for classical music”

Link to article,, April 2018

“The tuba like you have never heard it before”

L’observateur du Maroc, April 2018

“It was a high flying concert during which the talented Thomas Leleu accompanied the audience to discover the tuba”

Link to article, La Tribune, April 2018 
TV show: Stars of Tomorrow, Arte, March 2018

“The most talented tubist of his generation”

La Montagne, November 2017

“The Tuba’s Trip : an unmissable show. It is an extraordinary musical show guided by Thomas Leleu”

La Voix du Nord, October 2017

“The church of Saint-Laurent-des-Vigneaux is still resonating. Thomas Leleu and his tuba made the audience vibrate”

Link to article, Le Dauphiné, August 2017

“Thomas Leleu, the virtuoso tubist, accompanied by David Cassan, playing the organ, moved the audience, magnifying the sound of their instruments”

Link to article,Sud-Ouest, July 2017

“With organ, piano, orchestra, in duo, in sextet, opera, bossa, funk, salsa, rock: everything works with the tuba.”

Lien vers l’article, Midi Libre, July 2017
TV show Paris Première, May 2015
TV show France 3 Nord Pas de Calais, April 2015
TV show France 2, La boite à musique, August 2013