The Tuba’s Trip

  • Tuba, Thomas Leleu
  • Stage and artistic direction, Claude Tissier
  • Musical direction, Laurent Elbaz

Playing the tuba from father to son and becoming an international soloist isn’t easy! But ending up by mistake at the bottom of the orchestra pit of an opera is even harder. Especially when one’s childhood dream was to escape conventions and be on the stage front.

Which classical musician has never dreamt of standing up during a concert and start playing rock, of tearing up their tail coat and of throwing it in the audience?

The Tuba’s Trip – just had to be invented so that a few of these tubist’s unmet fantasies could become reality!

The tuba is taken on a journey by the imagination of its musicians and travels from one musical world to another: Broadway, African Beats, Latino rhythms, Pop, Rock…The “Trip” was born: the imaginary show of a tubist filled with dreams. Frontiers between genres no longer exist!

the tuba's trip thomas leleu