My visit at the Academy of Music ‘I.J. Paderewski’ in Poznań

This is my first blog post ever!

I have wanted to share with you more details about my trips, the people I meet, the musical experiences I have and the places I visit for a while now. So this is it! The official beginning of my blog, let’s see where this takes me 🙂

Mateusz Kurek who is the tuba professor at the Academy of Music ‘I.J. Paderewski’ invited me to come to give master classes and a recital.

I was very honored and excited to discover for the first time Poland. My stay in Poznań was absolutely amazing! I met generous and welcoming people, very open minded and interesting.

I gave three master classes in total. During the first two, we worked on the original repertoire for the tuba and the third one was focused on the technique. I love giving master classes because I can see how other people play the tuba. It is very interesting to see how we all have a different way to approach and work on the repertoire and this is in my view very enriching! The students were all amazing and I tried to show them other ways to play the tuba by being inspired by other music styles and genres, even in the technical approach (blues scales, modal scales etc). On the musical aspect, I encouraged them to develop their own feelings, with their own stories, their own memories, rather than copy a specific version from another tubist.

When I give master classes abroad, I am always very humbled by the fact that some students come from across the country to sometimes only assist to a 30-minute class. And it was the case in Poznań, where some students drove over 6 hours to come to the class!

master class thomas leleu
Me during a master class in Poznań with the great students of the Academy of Music ‘I.J. Paderewski’

I also had the chance to give a recital with a local string quintet. I usually play with my own string quintet (Thomas Leleu Sextet), so it was really interesting to play with a different musical approach. The string musicians were all wonderful and we had a great time !

Academy of Music 'I.J. Paderewski' in Poznań Thomas Leleu
Me and the “Polish Thomas Leleu Sextet” 😉

The last evening, we all went out together, students and musicians, and had a really good time. I even tried some crazy homemade typical Polish vodka :p

Thank you to all my Poznań and Polish friends, and especially to Mateusz and his fiancée Martyna. It was truly a wonderful time and I hope to see you all again soon, in Berlin or in Poznań.

Thank you also to my sponsor Buffet Crampon for the support and the instrument exhibition and to the head of the Wind Department.