Arte, Stars von Morgen
March 2018

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La Voix du Nord
Septembre 2017

“Thomas Leleu, a tubist who has been awarded the prize “Victoires de la musique” will perform in a show that blows up musical boundaries…”

Le Journal du Médoc
August 2017

“The ear gets captivated by the sonorities that Thomas Leleu creates with his instrument.”

Le Dauphiné
August 2017

“The Saint-Laurent-des-Vigneaux church is still resonating from it. Thomas Leleu and his tuba made the public vibrate.”

July 2017

“Thomas Leleu, a virtuoso tubist, accompanied by David Cassan (organ), transported the public into their world, magnifying the sound of their instruments.”

Midi Libre
July 2017

“With organ, piano, orchestra, as a duo, a sextet, opera, bossa, funk, salsa, rock: everything suits the tuba.”

Le Progrès
May 2017

“Founded in 2016, the duo tuba/cello tubaVScello, is a unique and unprecedented ensemble in the history of music. This ensemble brings new possibilities, opening numerous doors to the development of a repertoire and offers new sonorities.”

La Marseillaise, Weekend Culture
April 2017

“Thomas Leleu brings his tuba out of the Opera pit and invites the audience to an amazing musical road trip.”

La Marseillaise
April 2017

“I want to show that music can let go of boundaries. Music has to be open to the world and live with its time. One has to always keep its curiosity.”

La Provence
April 2017

“He is militating to break down musical boundaries and make music accessible to as many people as possible. Thanks to him, the tuba is being reborn again.”

France Info, Culture Box
April 2017

“The Tuba’s Trip is a show that is letting go of the traditional boundaries of the tuba.”

Projecteur Web
January 2017

“Made up of two young virtuoso artists, the duo presented a concerto of arranged pieces.”

Vaucluse Matin
January 2017

“The duo tubaVScello surprised the audience by its virtuosity and the audacious and atypical interpretation of pieces borrowed to the repertoire of Mozart, Rossini, Bach or Offenbach”

GB Opera Magazine
July 2016

“Thomas Leleu is exploring all the possibilities of this instrument that has an exceptional character.”

Vosges Magazine
April 2016

“At 29 only, he has already won several prizes, is touring in the world and has created his own jazz and world music show…